The EAN Way

Four words define the EAN Way - Comfort, Privacy, Luxury and Ease.


Convenience, every step of the way

We want you to enjoy your time with us, so your comfort is very important to us. We provide the very best of hospitality with the aim of ensuring your time with us is memorable.


Your Safety and Security

The EAN Jet Center is a 24 hour secured facility with state of the art security equipment. The safety of our clients and their property is our number one priority. Our concern for our client’s safety extends to their personal data and privacy.


a Superior Service

We understand the diverse needs of our jet owners and provide an environment both elegant and exquisite. Our mode of service is tailored towards individual clients with the aim of ensuring world-class experience at all times.


a completely stress free experience

We have a dedicated team of experienced staff trained both locally and internationally possessing an understanding of the local market and regulatory policies. Our team effectively works to ensure every client has a stress free experience while passing through our facility.

Our Vision

To be the most efficient aviation service company in Nigeria, committed to the highest safety standards.

  • Safety
  • Service
  • Professionalism

Our Partners

Banyan Air Service


Banyan Air Service is a 24-hour full-service fixed base operation located in South Florida. It has been serving aircraft owners, charter operators, corporate flight departments, flight schools and governmental agencies since 1979.

Widely respected and awarded for excellence, they have mastered customer service in all aspects of their operation. Our partnership will see Banyan transferring its extensive experience and skills to EAN Aviation by sharing knowledge, resources and contacts with the aim of supporting and developing EAN Aviation’s customer focused service strategy.

Banyan Air intends to support our long-term goals and objectives to create a network of high quality, customer driven FBOs in Africa.



JSSI is in the business of, amongst other things, marketing and selling hourly cost maintenance programs for the repair and maintenance of business aircraft. EAN Aviation is privileged to be an Alliance Program Member of JSSI.

Maintenance Center Malta (MCM) Ltd.


MCM, is an EASA approved Part 145 Line and Base maintenance facility, located on the island of Malta and serving Southern Europe, North Africa, Middle East and West Africa. MCM provides EAN with trained and licensed personnel, manuals and specialized tooling required to meet regulatory requirements. In return we help MCM with the contracting and marketing of their advanced maintenance services in Nigeria. Together with MCM, we provide maintenance (including wheel and battery workshops) for EASA and Nigerian registered aircrafts in Lagos. The aircraft types include: Dornier, Cessna, Gulfstream, Hawker Beechcraft, Diamond and the full line of Bombardier aircraft.

Satcom Direct


Satcom Direct is the leading provider of satellite voice and broadband data solutions for flight deck and cabin communications serving business, Military, Government, and Heads of State aircraft. The company is a premier Inmarsat Distribution Partner, Iridium Service Partner, and ViaSat Yonder’s preferred reseller, supporting more than ninety percent of all corporate flight departments worldwide.