EAN Aviation

Operations (FBO)

EAN Aviation operates the pioneer FBO facility in Lagos.

EAN’s highly skilled customer relationship officers and operations team deliver a full range of FBO hangar services with a customised touch that is embodied in our value proposition. Our clients are guaranteed the highest standards of SERVICE, PROFESSIONALISM and SAFETY.


We provide 24-hour private hangar services inclusive of apron parking, hangarage, support and security for short, mid, and long range private jets and helicopters.

0 hr
24-hour apron and
hangar parking


We ensure smooth, accurate and timely delivery of your flight plans at all times and provide your flight crew with information on NOTAMS and current weather reports whilst ensuring that all necessary permissions are gotten. We also facilitate Custom and Immigration clearance

Ramp Parking
and Hangarage

For local jet owners based In Nigeria, we offer monthly packages. One of the benefits of our packages is guaranteed hangarage. For clients coming from abroad, we are able to hangar your jet subject to available space.


Our dedicated team Is able to assist with additional details that make the entire experience more enjoyable and smooth. These include crew transport, catering arrangements, comprehensive ground handling and hotel arrangements


Our dispatch team can arrange client-paid fuel using Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria-approved fuelling agents


We offer transparent pricing aimed at building client confidence and making you feel at ease as you travel in the region. We make our invoice very simple to understand, with no hidden charges, so you can be confident about the accuracy of each line item



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